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How to Get Started as Participating member of College BeeKeeper?

PLANNING ON free public SHOWING ‘Vanishing of the Bees’ @ BCC, just need to determine a satisfactory time for those interested! Movie is ninety (90) minutes long, should schedule 2 hours to allow for comments, questions and answers among the group?http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1521877/
If we can get permission, is anybody interested in? Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees telling Us? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1645852/

NOTE: Planned work time spring 2014 in the GARDEN by SEED students is Friday at 10 AM!
Meeting/Discussion with the various Faculty & Staff that are Co-sponsors & Interested students, (Sustainable Agriculture rep for BCC Committee, maybe other representatives for Department Chairs (Business,  Biology [STEM]) any that are able to attend)*were held on Fridays in AT105 [Faculty Lounge] * @ NOON * !(Other than during common hour when so many activities are already taking place.)

If approved by Admin, BCC group currently considering (desires) hives set up and maintained supplied by a cooperating local beekeeper, someone that would consider some teaching Continuing Education classes at their convenience. Hold short workshops whenever Hive Management efforts are taking place!
(Due to students being very busy, could better evaluate participation by attendance at workshops, before BCC club purchases & maintains own hives)

Those interested probably should read all SIX (6) pages of ‘Vanishing Bees’, and review the excellent information provided by the linked College Beekeeper website beforehand as preparation.

Fri. March 15 Discussed possible apiary location, walked to the Perimeter Road, (most north-western point at the FAR end of the Ice Rink) found a Vehicle accessible place with good Southern exposure to place hive(s). Took photos, will post when I know how to on Wp.
The parking lot, as you enter or exit this lot, there is a short slope to the north, easy to walk up, not much of a ditch. Could back a vehicle close to the bank to unload, sufficient parking if workshops held at the apiary. Would need to remove some scrubby brush, but should be a relatively easy task. Very good southern exposure, slope should encourage air drainage, surrounding conifers would provide good winter shelter.

A question was asked “Do bees fall under the USDA/APHIS “Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee” regulations?
NO, bees do not fall under IACUC jurisdiction. They currently only regulate vertebrates. God help us if they try to tell us what do with our bees.

Refs > The IACUC defines an “animal” as “Any live or dead, vertebrate animal (cold- or warm-blooded) used or intended for use in research, research training, education, experimentation, or biological testing or for related purposes.”

Garden Club meetings will be held NOON Wed in AT-105 every week,


3 thoughts on “How to Get Started as Participating member of College BeeKeeper?

  1. Let’s hold meetings to discuss more on placing beehives on BCC campus on FRIDAYs at NOON in AT105.

    Sounds good, I will make up a flyer w/ time & date to post on Bio bldg door & a few other select places.
    Please notify prospective Garden club members.

  2. Doug, sorry I can’t make a Wednesday meeting this week. Perhaps try for Friday afternoon?
    Sue G. (STBA)

  3. Hey Doug. I plan on being at the meeting on Fri., 15 march, but I have class at 1:00 so I will BEE there 12:00 to see if anyone is around!!! – Curtis Carll
    AT-105 should be open, go ahead & have a seat when U get there, can knock on AT-104E door to see if Prof Robert w. Lofthouse is ready to talk. DaH
    Moved meeting to 12:00 noon, better for attendance!

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