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A dozen BCC students, 1 staff are interested in learning about Honey Bees and forming a ‘BeeKeeping group’

On 7 Feb ’13 I presented the idea of BCC joining ‘College BeeKeeping group’ on Google to the Ecology club members. Discussed my background training from Cornell Univ in Master Beekeeper courses: Apprentice level, Spring & Fall;
Journeyman level, Bee Diseases and IPM, Queen Rearing.

Briefly explained how I had caught a few swarms & the excitement that I experienced from doing so at first! About a dozen students expressed interest in getting a group going at Broome Community College.

Desire has been expressed by Southern Tier Beekeeping Association (STBA) in showing movies to the public, by utilizing an appropriate space, on BCC campus. A Titchener lecture room (T-101/102) seats about 75 and is easier to schedule than the main theater.

Thoughts on a good hive location;
A southeast exposure with afternoon shade is desired, so the morning sun warms the bottom board, encouraging early morning flights.
Should be sheltered from cold, northerly, winter winds, but with good air flow.
Not completely hidden, but out of sight & reach, to minimize possible vandalism.
A plethora of medicinal herbs, growing in the near vicinity, may provide health immunity benefits, & will provide a ready source of materials for smoker fuel.
Herbs would not need to be mowed, thus NO need for maintenance personnel to disturb the bees by mowing weekly. Loud noises might upset the bees, instigating a normal defense of the hive.

Since Bears may pass through the area, and are observed frequently in populated areas, a ‘Bear-Proofing barrier’ should be erected before summer’s end, normally a solar-powered (w/ a battery back-up) electric fence suffices to accomplish this goal.

From the BCC Garden club plots, going to the west, towards the tennis courts, there is a short slope covered with shrubs.
Placing the hives along the back side of this shelter break, but closest to the road. DESIRE a place where the distance to the child care center is at a maximum, which would still allow some air drainage down the slope, while also having a wind break of sorts, but also still somewhat near the BCC Garden Club plot.
Another possibility is the inside right angle formed by the tennis court high fence, with a lower fence as a perimeter (to minimize vandalism, etc.)
Hives could be placed at the mid-point of the isosceles triangle formed by the HIGH & low fences!


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